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“Really helpful. Trey didn’t skip a step. He was very thorough in asking questions to understand all the influencing factors. He didn’t just dispense advice but wanted to find a plan that was tailored to my needs and gave me results. He helped me gain personal insight and understanding by sending me scholarly research, or fun quick-read articles. He got me hooked on some apps that I still use to help track my sleep and brain performance. Trey was always encouraging and insightful, and I appreciated his humor. Overall I am very happy with the coaching and the results achieved.”

“Trey did an unbelievable job coaching me. When first starting this process I had a hard time staying awake during the day and wanted to be up early for gym workouts. Now I can wake up with ease and have energy for the entire day! Can’t thank Trey enough!!”

“Trey has helped me to get my initiative on! So many business goals, important ones, I just procrastinated on. His accountability, knowledge in health, and bulletproof coffee helped me have the energy and focus to accomplish my goals; and I lost 20lbs in the process! Trey found things that were holding me back and coached me through overcoming these obstacles that I would have never recognized on my own. Thanks so much Trey!”

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