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Individual Coaching

“I’ll just do it myself,” said no great leader anywhere.

Functional Medicine

It’s like computer hacking but for the body. Symptom > find processes involved > test > solve the puzzle > say bye-bye symptom.

Bulletproof Diet

A paleo like diet that focuses on adding quality fats and removing foods that make you weak.

Virtural Sessions

Using a platform called Zoom, it’s like having a personal face-to-face meeting right in a coffee shop… but with your own home brewed coffee, and no cute baristas.

Lab Testing

We use functional lab testing companies to test sex hormones, stress hormones, food sensitivities, hair mineral analysis, and intracellular blood testing.

Personalized Supplements

Through analysis of your lifestyle to find the perfect combo of nutrition to optimize your health.

Stress Managment

No, your are not going to become a yogi. But if your mind is always on high alert it kills your productivity. We want to change that.

Bio Hacking

Using technology and techniques to directly speed up a desired outcome. Learn faster. Sleep better. Achieve more.

Bio-Identical Hormones

We first find out why your homrones are lacking, and as we begin to fix that system to balance out your hormones naturally, we use sublinqgual bio-identical hormones until the body takes over like it should.


Make sure it's a good fit, risk free
  • One Hour Session
  • Goal Setting
  • Action Plan
  • Exceed Expectations

Two Months

$1,297 eight sessions
Your engine, now supercharged.
  • Eight Hour Sessions
  • Weekly Bio-Hacks
  • Personalized Supplement Plan
  • Monthly Workout Plan
  • Virtual Meetings
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • 20% Off Lab Testing

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